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I installed the game/app but it crashes at startup! Help!

ANSWER: All Serendip Games products goes through stringent QA testing before they are release. If our product does crash on startup, we wouldn't release it in the first place. Startup crashes had been a big problems with many iPhone games/apps since the inception of the AppStore. The following are some of the remedies and solutions that our customers and others had reported that worked for them.

SOLUTION-1: The installation process sometime reduces usable system memory to the point that games/apps could not even allocate the minimum needed to bootup. To free up as much memory as possible, the best way is to reboot the device. Reboot the device by powering it down and then powering it up again. To power down your device, press and hold the POWER button for a few seconds and follow the on-screen instruction to shutdown the device. To power up, press and hold the POWER button for a few seconds after it had completely shutdown.

SOLUTION-2: If you'd rebooted the device and still the game/app crashes at startup. Try deleting it from the device and reinstalling it via iTunes. Of course, you should reboot the device after installation.

SOLUTION-3: Some iPod Touch (1st Gen) users had reported that changing the Sound Effects setting to BOTH prevented apps from crashing. To do that, goto Settings, then General, then Sounds. Change Sound Effects to BOTH.

SOLUTION-4: Some users had reported that the International settings could cause games/applications to crash. Go to Settings, then General, then International. You will see 3 values to set. These include Language, Keyboards and Region Format. For each of these 3 values, set them to something different from you previous values, then set them back to their original values. Try to launch the game/application now.

SOLUTION-5: Some users had reported that settings could cause games/applications to crash. You might want to try resetting your device's settings. On firmware 2.2.1, you can go to Settings, then General, then Reset and select Reset All Settings. Your data and media will not be deleted.

SOLUTION-6: If none of the above solution works, you still have Serendip games to fall back on! Help us help you by sending us the crash logs from your devices. Click here if you want to find out how to retrieve the crash logs from your device.

SOLUTION-7: Some user had reported that they actually had to RESTORE the device via iTunes in order to fix startup crashes. Restoring the device should be considered a last resort as it will clear out all the data on your device. Fortunately, iTunes will prompt you to do a full backup before restoring. This will ensure that you do not lose data but you will still have to manually reinstall the 3rd party applications.